A Tribute to Guy Harvey

I’ve been traveling or 4 months now, which is ironic to call it traveling at all as I’ve spent all but two weeks of that time in Paihia. Today, I found myself pulling out my sewing kit to repair another item that had been a victim to life in New Zealand. The sewing kit I have is from the Astor Hotel in Syntagma Square in Athens, Greece. Funny how trips connect themselves together…

While staying at the Mousetrap, I had the unfortunate duty of fixing my leggings which had ripped on the edge of my bunk bed as I fell off one night to brush my teeth. Now, I had chinos with a missing button from camping last weekend and the horror of finding a hole in my beloved Guy Harvey t-shirt while doing this weeks washing.

Guy Harvey has become a symbol of not only the boating world but a pride of the South. Several times I’ve gotten compliments from local yachties who recognize the artist even in little Paihia. Last year at Elon we had two fraternities do Guy-styled t-shirts for their formal weekends, it was quite the drama to see who was more Southern even though mos students at Elon are from above the Mason-Dixon line.

This shirt has a special place for me not for either of these reasons. I tracked mine down in a dark corner of a souvenir shop in Boca Raton two years ago on Spring Break with my bffs. Instead of a marlin or swordfish, it has the Florida lighthouses depicted: Cape Canaveral, Pensacola, Key West, Jupiter Inlet and St. Augustine. I lovingly patched one of my favorite shirts so now it looks a bit like an appendectomy patient. I’ll have to spend some time searching for a replacement on eBay and a craft to save the threadbare fabric from Good Housekeeping when I get home. It sure would be fun if we could get GH to make a Bay of Islands line, the locals would throw him a pretty good party for it.


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