Those Summer Nights

Last night was the first warm night in Paihia. Jake says it’s due to a Northwesterly, but I think it’s the Maori ancestors saying summer is finally coming. There was also a fantastic moon rising up over the bay.

On Friday I went out sailing on the Gungha, which means strength in Indian. Mike the skipper was a fantastic guide out to the fringes of the bay. We set the anchor in a bay off Waewatoma Island. One side had perfect white sandy beaches while the other was goupy volcanic sand and crunchy rock. We also had a great view out to the ocean and of Tukituki, an island 9 miles from the bay that is the last piece of New Zealand you see while sailing north to Fiji and the islands.

Being out on the water was definitely the push I needed to stay in Paihia. I’m starting sailing lessons on Sunday before Adam gets in Monday. The whole ride home I found myself wishing I had the boat all to myself. I even got to drive for a bit, steering on the wooleys through the white channel, well, attempting to anyway. It was fantastic.

Tomorrow is Guy Fawkes night, so hopefully I’ll run into my friend Bronson when I get off at the restaurant and we can go find some fireworks. It’s interesting that we don’t celebrate Guy Fawkes night in the US, considering it can be viewed as a celebration of democracy. Since Guy Fawkes was unsuccessful at destroying the British Parliament building in the early 1600s, democracy thrived and the monarchy lost further power. I suppose when you rebel against outside rulers the first thing you do is cease to celebrate their holidays.

Hopefully aside from my sailing class, it will be a quiet weekend. I’ll be starting a trial once Adam leaves with MagicMemories, the company who does all of the photography for Fuller’s AwesomeNZ Bay of Islands cruises. I am very excited. Then hopefully I can move into a flat in Rimu Park and be sorted enough to write a small review of downtown Paihia. Stay tuned, more exciting adventures to come from next week’s camper van road trip!


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