It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

So today I had a great Skype chat with Mom. It was great to talk to and see someone who is 8,000 miles away. She was quite surprised by the video, and asked if I could smell her rice krispy treats dipped in chocolate through the internet. It truly brightened my day.

It was also nice and sunny out, so I took a bike down to Woolworth’s and bought (more) groceries. When there isn’t anything to do, you sit around and make PBJ sandwiches and snack on tea and toast all day, so I needed more bread. There are a few things that I’ve purchased to make being homesick a little easier, like Heinz Ketchup ($4.50 a bottle) and ranch dressing. Some German girls have kindly given me their recipe for homemade chocolate cake, so this weekend I’ll be going back to the store to pick up flour, sugar, and try to measure it out in metric units instead of cups and teaspoons.

And then, as I was sitting on up the deck looking out over the bay to Russell where my friend Rich now lives, I saw someone parasailing, and their chute had a giant smiley face on it. At first, I was confused because it looked like someone had cut down a hole on the opposite hillside and made the face in the ground. But then the sailor landed on a small motor boat in the middle of the bay and the chute was sucked back on board like a ribbon up a vacuum pipe. I almost wish he had gotten a second chance to go up, the parachute catching the wind as the boat continued running along. It’s another sunny day in Paihia.


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