Peanut Butter

So over the last few days I’ve gotten into too many discussions about words we use back home. In a backpackers community, the first thing you talk about is food. Peanut butter is in fact as American as one could get, except maybe apple pie or Cheerios.

While its fun talking about the things that could be mixed into Champ or the contents of a Dutch breakfast, peanut butter is about the only thing I eat every day that reminds me of home. I now am a 3-cups-of-tea-a-day girl and even eat tomato sauce which tastes nothing like ketchup. All I want to eat for dinner is Hursey’s pulled pork bbq sandwich and a huge basket of hush puppies with a whole case of Bud Light (beer is ridiculously expensive here, like $12 minimum for a 6-pack).

So since my birthday is in about a month, here’s a list of things from home I miss that could potentially be shipped internationally:

Heinz ketchup

J. Crew anything

Kraft 3-Cheese Shells Mac N Cheese

Hursey’s BBQ sauce

Whatever new CDs have come out (anything country, John Mayer’s, etc. Music is like 4 months old here)

A flash drive with all the episodes of The Office, Greek and Gossip Girl I’ve missed

An Elon sweatshirt

An Alpha Chi baseball hat

And hugs. Can’t wait until Adam gets here and we head down to go skydiving!


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