Piha Beach

Yesterday, we took a day trip out to Kitekite Falls and Piha beach. It was awesome. We took a short hike through the woods to the falls which was so pretty. Tons of little streams and tropical foliage winds slowly up to the gigantic falls. It feels like hiking through the woods at home, just chilly enough so there aren’t any bugs, but you’re surrounded by palm trees, silver ferns, and trickling creeks.

The falls were spectacular! There is a huge pool at the bottom and it’s about as cold as Antarctica. When you get out, your whole body looks like you have a sunburn and you can’t control any of your muscles. I ended up going in twice because I was too scared to put my head under the first time. Diving back in, the cold was slightly more bearable, and it felt like the whole world froze, like in that horrible 80s film ‘Legend’ with Tom Cruise. It was such a cool feeling. Afterwards, the nice boys on my trip offered me a sip of champagne to warm up.

We dried off and hiked back to the bus. Once at Piha, we grabbed a delicious burger and walked over to try to get in the beach caves there. Unfortunately the tide was too high and we couldn’t explore. The black sand was so soft, it was like walking through crushed satin. And the waves were ridiculous. Luckily, we were all so frozen from the falls we wouldn’t have even dreamed of getting in the ocean. But we had a blast sumo wrestling in the sand and singing ‘Grease’ songs during the trip home. If you have a chance to go On Location around Auckland with Andy at Nomad’s Fusion, do it!


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