Flight 16: Star Trek

My flight over the Pacific was much pleasanter than expected. I found a super comfy pillow and blanket on my chair, along with a goody bag and snack bag. I have a new eye mask, socks, a Qantas lanyard, and a great little bag to keep it all in. The toothbrush I gave to a lovely Kiwi lady named Mary who then invited me to come stay with her and her family, and I met her two youngest sons in the hall. Sadly they weren’t on my flight to Auckland, but still a great encounter none the less.

I slept for almost 9 solid hours before settling in with the new Star Trek film and a lovely hot breakfast. The sunrise over the ocean was beautiful and Australia (the bit I can see) makes me want to stay here a whole first.

I even got some great shots of the sun rising over Australia and the ocean:

I even got a second hot breakfast on my flight from Brisbane to Auckland, which was great. All in all, I’m impressed with Quantas and wish I could fly them more often. Can’t wait to post again once I get to Auckland!!


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