The Official Classy Packing List

Tomorrow, I’m heading to California. I’ve spent the last 2 days trimming down my iTunes collection so it’ll fit on my iPhone and copying whatever files I want onto my flash drive. I’m doing one load of laundry tomorrow and buying a new Too Faced mascara from Sephora. So I finally figured out everything I’m going to pack.

I’m bringing 5 shirts: yellow blouse with bow, J. Crew white crew neck t-shirt, pink J. Crew v-neck tissue tee, white flowy J. Crew tank top, emerald tight tee


2 J. Crew polos and a going out top: white ruffle neck polo, black J. Crew v-neck tee, black polo with custom turtle


2 medium weight tops (3/4 sleeves) and 2 long sleeve tops: Lilly Pulitzer fish tunic, Polo Ralph Lauren white oxford, Elon University long-sleeve tee, J. Crew yellow rugby 3/4 sleeve shirt


3 J. Crew cardigans, 1 long sleeve, 2 3/4 sleeves: navy ruffle cardigan, teal stripe cardigan (3/4 sleeves), black chiffon trim cardigan (3/4 sleeves)


3 tee shirts (one from Adam, and two of my fav Alpha Chi shirts!):


an Under Armor shirt and 2 work-out shorts, pink and navy:

white with pink stripes under armor shirt, pink shorts, navy shorts

yoga/exercise pants, a second pair of J. Crew matchstick jeans, and full-length leggings:


3 pairs of shorts: J. Crew khaki shorts, J. Crew salmon shorts, Lilly Pulitzer patchwork shorts


dress pants and a J. Crew khaki skirt:


two J. Crew bathing suits: (sadly, the New Zealand Breast Cancer Society’s Bikini Downhill Race is on the 26th, the day before I leave!)


two pairs of J. Crew boy’s boxers (so comfy!):


a fun day dress and a little black dress: white and navy mini dress, black Ann Taylor dress


and finally, two scarves and two big belts as accessories: snake skin waist belt, blue/yellow/purple neck scarf, yellow paisley long scarf, white/black/beige block waist belt


So, now that you have the list, here’s a bigger picture:


I decided the best way to pack would be by rolling all my tops and carefully making sure none of them had any wrinkles. my bag is so huge, it was hard to not get things wrinkled while dragging it up and down the East Coast. All my tops are folded in 3’s, like in a store display. The ones with collars are rolled starting with the bottom so the collar doesn’t get crushed, while everything else is rolled from the shoulders so the fronts stay smooth. I’m also throwing in a dozen pair of socks and as many underthings as I own (you can always throw them out later). I just put it all in my pack and used my dad’s new luggage scale – can you guess:

There are a few other things that will be coming down under with me:


Brown leather gloves, a pink neck pillow, a first-aid kit, Kleenex, one of two NZ guide books, a teal Coach clutch, an Elon baseball cap, Elon rain jacket, a garment bag for dirty clothes,  electrical converter plugs, South Carolina playing cards, Ralph Lauren pillow case, and a gold Coach clutch. Someone has to have it all together or that 14 hour plane ride will be miserable. Let me know what you would or wouldn’t take with you!


One thought on “The Official Classy Packing List

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