Madme Lillet

This weekend, I continued my East Coast Tour with a stop at Disney World and a flight up to my sister’s house in Boston. We decided to spend a gorgeous late summer Sunday at the open air crafts, antiques, and farmer’s market it Boston’s South End. I found this great booth with tons of vintage pop art turned into  these chunky pieces of wall art.  Perhaps I’ll decoupage a set of coasters with vintage travel art for my apartment when I get back to the US.

We also stopped at a bistro called Gaslight for a yummy lunch, where they gave us this fun post card to mail to a friend, promoting their restaurant.gaslight

My sister mailed it to herself. I had a croque-monsieur sandwich with some amazing french fries (no ketchup needed, they were that good), and we each had an elegant Madame Lillet cocktail, in a custom printed glass.

The mix of Lillet red, St. Germaine elderflower liquor, and champagne was a bit tart, and I would have enjoyed a little less floral aftertaste. At least it was a bubbly way to end a fun day.

I also picked up a basket of delicious locally grown strawberries and started a collection of vintage post cards, letters written in the 1930s and 40s from places I have visited: NYC, Martha’s Vineyard, and the promenade in Nice. I even picked up a few of Paris to use when I scrapbook my upcoming trip there.



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