While I Am Away

So a good friend brought this video to my attention (thanks Joel!) and it brings up an interesting point.  One of the reasons I chose to use the BUNAC program for my trip to New Zealand instead of going at it alone is because of the connection it gives me back home.  As fun as it’s going to be to not have to answer phone calls because of the international charges, to be 18 hours ahead of my family and friends, and to effectively detach myself from life back on the East Coast, staying connected is definitely important.  But that’s only half of this video.  Two weeks is both a long period of time as well as a finite one.  The possibilities are constrained in their freedom.  Cliche I know, but what could be accomplished in only fourteen days?

Certainly this video is not how I foresee my own trip going.  However, I’m preemptively putting together an email list to send out my NZ phone number to as well as blog updates and other info as needed.  Please let me know if you want to be on this list.  I’ll be gone a lot longer than 2 weeks, but who knows what can happen.  In the past two weeks, I’ve been to West Chester, PA and eaten sushi, danced on top of a bar, and learned that a British uni rugby player really wanted to spend a year playing American football.  My first two weeks in New Zealand hopefully will involved skiing (and not breaking any bones!) and figuring out how to replace Target.  What would you do with your two weeks?


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