Madewell 1937, the new J. Crew?

A few weeks ago while in the Hamptons, I stumbled across the opening of J. Crew’s newer sister brand Madewell 1937.


The store was a hip twist on the classic J.Crew look in their Newtown Street storefront.  Designed to “complement” J. Crew’s already well-established consumer base, the  store is filled with their signature ex-boyfriend jean, beaded, crocheted and splatter dyed tees, and hundreds of colorful soft scarves.  With all but one of their Denim Bar jeans priced over $100, I’m not sure my allegiance will be switching just yet.  I might splurge for a pair of their Heritage Heel Boots, $298, if they ever come up on eBay.  I will give them snaps on the creative approach to their website, as I am in love with their ‘The Inside Scoop’ page.  While J. Crew itself isn’t a global brand just yet, maybe Madewell 1937 will be their chance to try expanding into Europe and other markets.  I’m sure they would love the super-skinny jeans and scrumptious scarves.

Over Memorial Day weekend, a team of Madewell employees passed out goodies promoting the new store.  I managed to snag some, even though all the pre-made bags had been handed out.


They each had a small sunscreen wipe, a copy of the Madewell newspaper, printed exclusively for the East Hampton store, and a Madewell pin, giving you 15% off your first purchase! Definitely stop by and check it out on your next jaunt through the Hamptons.


One thought on “Madewell 1937, the new J. Crew?

  1. FYI, has the heritage heel boots for $268… only $30 less but still… I ordered them, got them yesterday and they are gorgeous. Just saying 🙂

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