National Failure Day: August 15

Apparently National Failure Day is coming up in the next few weeks, and I plan on celebrating by making a fool of myself far away from the Real World  DC camera crew.  I think it would be an appropriate time to submit several posts to FailBlog, F My Life, Texts From Last Night, and any other failure sites that have taken over American internet.  It always shocks me when I find someone who is ignorant of these little slices of entertainment, and it’s almost a religious experience converting them.  Last week at our intern meeting, the assistant general manager was clueless, we had time to kill, so we viewed the Best Western Fail and discussed whether it would actually be a beneficial marketing tool or if it’s even possible to fail a window placement on purpose.  It was at least a conversation.

The one nice thing about National Failure Day is appreciating all of the failure that doesn’t happen to you.  Right now this travel fail is not something I’m worried about, but you never know when your car will suddenly roll down the bank because you forgot to put it in park.  I will also be celebrating National President Jokes day (August 11) while pulling out a few GWB jokes from 2008.  And Saturday just happens to be National  Raspberry Cream Pie Day, so maybe  I can pull that off buying some raspberries, ice cream, and a pie-inspired shot at the bar.

For a full list of August Holidays and appropriate music for each, check out Twenty Awesome August Holidays.  I hope in New Zealand they also appreciate the random holidays we come up with.  Or at least eat funfetti birthday cake.


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