It's quite possible to be in love with several things at once.

One of the great things about life is the ability to be in love with everything at once.  Right now I love poppies, London accents, overcast summer days when it can’t get too hot, and playing softball on the Mall in Washington.  I’m beginning preparations to move to New Zealand to enjoy five months and one week of fabulous southern hemisphere spring and summer, while escaping the tepid East Coast winter.  Hopefully this will be 5 months of exploring the world’s most rugged and beautiful country and finding it in me to join the real world when I come back.  Or even better, find an inexpensive French immersion class in Switzerland. Either of those options would be entertaining.

Traveling out of a backpack is definitely going to be difficult. I can only bring two J.Crew cardigans, can’t bring my Lilly patchwork shorts or any of my sundresses, and have to leave the cute flats I’ve been collecting at home.  Luckily, they sell hairdryers in New Zealand because the weird electrical outlet converters freak me out.  Why can’t the  world run on the same electricity, or the same mobile service?  That would be so much more convenient.  For tonight I can say I have successfully purchased a backpack, the Kelty Coyote 4750 keltycoyote4750

and I hope it works out well.  Packing list soon to come. Cheers!


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